About us

We are one of the first law firms in Italy to focus on European design and management.

We are so passionate about this sector that it has become our core business.

We believe in the values of innovation and digital opportunities, we assist our clients starting from their concrete needs and studying their position at 360° because a sound consultancy can open pathways that seemed impossible to cover.

With years of experience in business law and European and Regional funding, we collaborate with consultants all over Italy to provide individuals and businesses with solutions to their requests, from the legal point of view and from the administrative and accounting point of view.

Chiara Trafossi
Chiara TrafossiLawyer and Euro-project Designer
Italian, English, French
I started from the classic legal career, becoming a lawyer, but I have always been attracted by going beyond our borders, specializing in European Union law and with one master's degree in business and one in European funding, I decided to take the entrepreneurial route, setting up my own tourism company in the field of hospitality. This has allowed me to combine my studies with practical reality, understanding the needs and difficulties of those who want to become entrepreneurs following their dreams.
Alberto Russo
Alberto RussoLawyer and Euro-project Designer
Italian, English, French
My compass has always been oriented towards international and EC law (now EU law), an experience at the European Court of Auditors and several professional collaborations in Italy and abroad, master(s) in international relations, business internationalization, European funding and industrial patents; for more than a decade I have been part of teams assisting domestic and foreign clients in their business around the world, at first as a consultant, and then as a lawyer, Euro-project designer and mediator, because transforming clients' queries into opportunities, if not into winning projects, is not just a job, but my philosophy of life.

Our Services

We follow our customers at 360° providing a consultancy that can also be carried out almost completely online.

Each customer is followed personally because each project is unique, so we do not work with facsimiles or standard forms but we customize each of our activities as needed.

You won't have any surprises, we work with reliable estimates that will follow your needs. We have our physical location in La Spezia, but we have no boundaries.


Europroject design


Subsidized financing




International Business Advisory


Tourism (Sector)        


Patents and Trademarks      



Do you want to be in charge of your business and have the right knowledge to do so? We have designed mini courses for you to allow you to independently manage the practices that are most commonly the basis of your business but are particularly complex.

You will find courses on a practical format of 3 hours that can be activated on all platforms on the topics: Doing Business (compliance), Privacy and E-commerce, Trademarks and Copyright,
Internationalization, Hospitality (compliance). Because every good idea needs a solid

Who are we referring to? To individuals, SMEs, companies that want to diversify their business but also to consultants and to the public administration.


For Public Administrations and Associations we have thought of an ad hoc solution!

We help you to do networking!

Do you have a project in your hands and you don't know how to manage it and especially with
whom to manage it? We'll take care of it!

Today, more than ever, the European Union asks you to work together and build partnerships. If you want a figure who works on your behalf in order to have a neutral mediator without wasting time, we'll take care of it!


Tell us your interests and needs.
We will look for solutions and opportunities for you.


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